Tonari no Totoro-My Neighbor Totoro

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Tonari no Totoro-My Neighbor Totoro

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Tonari no Totoro
is used as the ending theme for 1988 Japanese animated fantasy film My Neighbor Totoro. The film – which stars the voice actors Noriko Hidaka, Chika Sakamoto, and Hitoshi Takagi – tells the story of the two young daughters (Satsuki and Mei) of a professor and their interactions with friendly wood spirits in postwar rural Japan. The film won the Animage Anime Grand Prix prize and the Mainichi Film Award for Best Film in 1988.

Tonari no Totoro
is written by Hayao Miyazaki, performed by Japanese singer Azumi Inoue. And it was composed by Joe Hisaishi who is a composer and musical director known for over 100 film scores and solo albums dating back to 1981.

Xiao Bian says Tonari no Totoro:

  As a Xiao Bian of not fond of Japanese series and Korean series,i am quite sorry for knowing Hayao Miyazak's anime Tonari no Totoro too late since i loved that three lovely Totoro as i watched it. What's more, that the way that dad talks to children and neighbours get along with each other are what our modern society needs.

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