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EOP MIDI Version Introduction


EOP MIDI Version is the forever free and super powerful piano learning software that is specially developed by EOP team , this software deletes the part of PC keyboard, while more stresses the control for MIDI. In a word, EOP MIDI Version is the essential software for learning the true piano.


With the improvement of material culture and spiritual cultural, piano learning becomes chased by people. While the expensive piano, high-cost tuition fee and little-effect achievements make most of parents step back. For a long time, EOP team is aiming at the goal that "Make all people learn the piano with low cost", so we develop the EOP MIDI Version. As long as you have a MIDI keyboard, an electronic organ with MIDI port, a hand rolling piano or electric piano, they can all be connected to the EOP MIDI Version. Loading the world-best piano VSTi sound source, attaching abundant EOP teaching and assistant plugins, EOP MIDI Version enables you to breezily learn the piano at home.


Parents do not get worried for ordering the several thousand dollars piano for their children. Only one MIDI keyboard you need order, then connect to the EOP MIDI Version, that's ok. Hundreds of dollars can handle the piano learning. Meanwhile, the abundant stave resources, learning plugins and the children teaching video tutorials enable the piano learning to become energetic from passive.


We firmly believe, the birth of EOP MIDI Version allows more and more people to fell the charming of music.


Main Features of EOP MIDI Version:


• Externally connect with MIDI keyboard or electronic organ with MIDI port;
• Set the key number based on the MIDI key number;
• Enable to set any key of MIDI to be the software function key;
• Support stave and numbered musical notation learning;
• Support adjustment of play speed and progress;
• Support show of the musical note and keys when play the music;
• Support adjustment the stress of left and right hand;
• With powerful and real timbre database;
• Enable to load Vsti sound source data;
• Support integrated sound card with zero delay playing;
• Support to simulate the effect of the piano pedal, and externally connect to the pedal;
• Attach a lot of example music;
• Attach a mass of teaching and entertainment plugins;
• More...

The Difference between EOP MIDI Version and Everyone Piano:

• Only support MIDI keyboar keys, not includ PC keyboard keys any more;
• Optimize multiple functions for MIDI;
• Support to set the function key of the MIDI keyboard;
• The essential software for learning the true piano.


EOP MIDI Version-Leave a comment

  • Can you guys please add a midi export function?
    2017-12-18 07:21:40  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    EOPN file can export midi file.
    2017-12-18 10:09:19  Reply
  • Can I open a EOP file and then save it as MIDI file?
    2017-07-18 09:04:33  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    Thanks for your support of EOP, you can open mid file with EOP program, but eop file can not saved as a mid file recently.
    2017-07-18 10:40:58  Reply
    jhuang1109  Reply EveryonePiano
    Will the ability to export or save a eop file as a midi file be introduced in the future? I would really appreciate this feature. Thanks!
    2017-12-13 17:23:00  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply jhuang1109
    Since we do not have enough energy to do lots of things at the same time .this function need be developed in the future. Thanks for your support of EOP
    2017-12-14 14:18:31  Reply
  • how can I change the color of the key or how to change skin
    2017-12-02 04:13:25  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    You can change skin of EOP program, and midi version can not. Since all the functions are contained in EOP program, that midi version will not undated recently
    2017-12-04 12:21:43  Reply
  • Hallo, how can I connect my Keyboard (Casio CDP-130) . I did as instructed, connect Cable with Keyboard and Computer, switched MIDI- Input in the settings on (Software version, but nothing happens?
    2017-05-09 21:01:43  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    You can try to connect with EOP program, since EOP contains all functions of midi version and ever more. If also not work well, you can tell us and we will try to help you solve it. tanks for your support of EOP.
    2017-05-10 14:08:29  Reply
  • Hikaru
    Is Everyone Piano capable of playing .mid sheet music or is there a program to convert .mid to .eop sheet music? I found the sheet music for the song I like but unfortunately it's in .mid and the site doesn't have that song in .eop yet
    2017-01-10 21:37:52  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Hikaru
    Thanks for you support of EOP, you can open and listen a mid file with EOP,just click the Open button in the File menu or the lower right corner. But it cannot show you as a sheet music, if you want a sheet music of your song, you can tell us the name, we can try our best to do it.
    2017-01-11 11:40:55  Reply
    Anonymous  Reply EveryonePiano
    But when I click "Open" the software does not see files with extension .mid but just .eop. I changed the extension from .mid to .eop of one file in order to test. The software saw the file, downloaded it but did not play it. The option "Play" was inactive. Please, advise.
    2017-03-05 00:06:30  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    The extension cannot be changed. Are your sure the EOP you used is the newest version? Since play mid function has launched for a long time. Or you can try to drag the mid file to the bottom right corner play area directly,this is also an open way.
    2017-03-06 14:35:50  Reply
    Anonymous  Reply EveryonePiano
    I have the same problem with opening midi files in EOP. It said "File format error!" as the extension is .midi, not .eop. I wonder how you can open it. Please help. Thanks.
    2017-04-18 08:19:02  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    You can try to open it in EOP program not the midi version。Thanks for your support of EOP.
    2017-04-18 15:29:45  Reply
  • Where do I buy a midi keyboard piano for computer/
    2017-01-16 21:36:14  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    Almost all midi keyboard can be used in computer and EOP, you can buy any of them in shop or all ways
    2017-01-17 11:39:19  Reply
    2017-01-12 02:14:46  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    Thanks for your support of EOP, you can load high-quality audio source as you like, but we cannot make a high-quality one as a default source for EOP, since it will make the software very big.
    2017-01-12 10:34:51  Reply
  • Will this program be able to convert eop to midi files? If so, When will this update come?
    2016-04-19 05:48:48  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    EOP can play midi file, but cannot be convert to midi recently, and we are busying on optimizing some other aspect, this function will be done in the future, thanks for your support of EOP
    2016-04-19 16:36:49  Reply
  • My Everyone Piano is being caught by antivirus. it says it has MalSign.Generic.FB4. each one of the softwares I try to install is being blocked. How can I fix this?
    2015-11-28 23:42:41  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    All softwares in our site is safe to download, since some antivirus software need pay first and it will shown as no virus ones, and we do not pay for them, so you know....So you do not need care for it, you need make sure all eop software you download are from official site, all of them are no virus, we promise. thanks for your support of EOP
    2015-12-01 09:46:47  Reply
  • In your youtube videos, "EOP midi version" can play with stave notations. Can you let us know how to make stave window [not numbered window] activate EOP midi ? Thanks
    2015-08-22 07:10:00  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    You can use our new program, EOP Sheet Music,and search the sheet music you want. And if you want to play with as the video shows, you need open a eopn file of the sheet music, and EOP Sheet Music can open it with two models: numbered and stave.Thanks for your support of EOP
    2015-08-26 10:57:04  Reply
  • In your youtube video, you show stave window instead of numbered. How to activate stave window ? Is it a plugin ?
    2015-08-22 07:58:47  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    You can use our new program, EOP Sheet Music,and search the sheet music you want. And if you want to play with as the video shows, you need open a eopn file of the sheet music, and EOP Sheet Music can open it with two models: numbered and stave.Thanks for your support of EOP
    2015-08-26 10:56:25  Reply
  • Hi, a very useful software !
    2015-08-22 07:03:41  Reply
  • Everyone
    2013-11-12 08:12:36  Reply
    Anonymous  Reply Anonymous
    cuando sale el plugin MIDI?
    2013-11-12 13:14:10  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    Could you please specify your problem?
    2013-11-12 16:17:46  Reply
    Anonymous  Reply Anonymous
    Deves escribir en ingles
    2015-07-24 09:46:07  Reply
  • how to convert EOP to Midi. Can we have view like synthesia. It is more easier. Notations are more easy to under stand.
    2015-05-03 03:30:57  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    It can not convert recently, and this function will developed later. But notations is available, since we have EOP NMN Follow Me, that you can see sheet music in notation. What's more, a new software for switching between sheet music and musical notation is under testing, and will be published later. Thanks for your support of EOP
    2015-05-04 16:11:34  Reply
  • Hi. Is there away to open a .MID file instead of an .EOP file? Thank you
    2015-03-14 21:38:54  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    I'm sorry, only EOP files can be downloaded right now. We are developing new function that can change EOP file to midi file, but it is still being developed, and will be released later.
    2015-03-17 09:39:31  Reply
  • how to convert *.eop to other formats like *.mp3...?
    2015-02-25 14:20:39  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    Hello, the eop file can not change to audio file directly currently, but you can use EOP Audio Recorder to record it
    2015-02-28 13:47:43  Reply
  • very very nice software gives the real time playing of piano
    2015-01-10 17:57:12  Reply
  • maalex
    When I start to install this the default installation destination is the same as the program Everyone Piano. Should I leave it like that and install both on the same folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\EveryonePiano)?
    2014-12-14 23:34:13  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply maalex
    Thank you for your support and please install both on the same folder.
    2014-12-15 11:00:15  Reply
  • i cannot used the pc keypad it doest work,.. but the mouse does. why is that?? your the best EP,..thanks a lot!
    2014-12-06 19:24:54  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    Would you please specify your problem? Or send the screenshot to email support support@everyonepiano.org?
    2014-12-08 14:25:16  Reply
  • luisefe
    Hi! which program must I use to open the archive EOP MIDI?
    2014-10-11 14:35:41  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply luisefe
    Please download the EOP Midi program above and follow the hints to install it, then you can open it.
    2014-10-13 11:57:56  Reply
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