Kangding Love Song

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Kangding Love Song

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Kangding Love Song
is a traditional folk song of Kangding, Sichuan Province.

In 1946, while studying vocal music in Sikang Province, the Quanzhou native Wu Wen-ji had collected the song Paomao Liuliude Shanshang (On the Running Horse Mountain) amongst other local folk songs. While teaching at a Kuomintangmilitary academy, Wu scored and renamed the song as Kangding Love Song, after the capital of the Sikang Province. The song was then spread to the rest of China after being performed by then popular Soprano Yu Yixuan

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The Lyrics of Kangding Love Song:

High upon the mountain side,
floats a cloud so white.
There lies kangding town,
bathed in silver moonlight.
Moonlight shines bright,
over kangding town.
Lovely maid with a sweet smile,
Li the woodcutter's daughter.
Zhang the blacksmitsh eldest's son,
came to court her in moonlight.
Moonlight shines bright,
a courtship in moonlight.
First, he has fallen in love
because she is talented and good-looking.
Second, he has fallen in love
because she can take care of the family.
The crescent moon,
can take care of the family!
Lovely maidens of the world,
I cannot but love you.
Gentlemen of the world,
they cannot but woo you.
Moonlight shines bright,
they cannot but woo you.

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