My Motherland-Guo Lanying

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My Motherland-Guo Lanying

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My Motherland
is a song written for the Chinese movie Battle on Shangganling Mountain (1956). It was performed by Chinese singer Guo Lanying. Lyrics were written by Qiao Yu. Music was composed by Liu Chi. Both of them are well known for a number of songs since the 1950s. It remains a popular and famous patriotic song in mainland China, and the signature song for the famous operatic soprano Guo Lanying.

Originally My Motherland was initially called A Big River by the author, in order to represent the hundreds of rivers that flow in China. The title was changed when it was published with the movie. The song is divided into 3 stanzas. Within each stanza, the soloist sings first before the chorus sings its refrain.

The Lyrics of My Motherland:

A great river flows, its waves wide and calm
Wind blows through rice flowers, bearing fragrance to both shores
My family lives right there by the water
I am used to hearing the punters' call
And seeing the white sails on the boats
This is the beautiful Motherland
This is the place where I grew up
On this expansive stretch of land
Everywhere there is wonderful scenery to behold

How flower-like are the young ladies
How big and determined are the hearts of the young men
In order to usher in a new era
They've woken the sleeping mountains
And changed the face of the river
This is the heroic Motherland
This is the place where I grew up
On this stretch of ancient land
There is youthful vigor everywhere

Great mountains, great rivers, a great land
Every road is broad and wide
If friends come, there is fine wine
But if the wolves come[3][4]
Those who greet them have hunting guns[3][4]
This is the mighty Motherland
This is the place where I grew up
On this stretch of warm and friendly land
There is peaceful sunshine everywhere

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