Anything Goes-Hebe Tien

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Anything Goes-Hebe Tien

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Anything Goes is a song by Hebe Tien released on on 11th June, 2020.

The lyrics of Anything Goes may seem free-spirited but it hides a persistence deep within. When the production meeting was called for the song, Hebe felt deeply for the line, “only to be reduced to a part of the scenery”. She had to lower her head and pretended to be deeply focused on the song as she was holding back tears. She explained that she once thought she could do as she please and be anything that could make others happy. However, that line hit her hard as she realized that she is but a scenery to others, destined to live with the regret of being unable to be a long time companion of another, nor be able to share the ups and downs of life together.

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