Piano 11-Fox Hime BGM

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Piano 11-Fox Hime BGM

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Piano 11 is used as one of the background music for the game Fox Hime. Fox Hime is a galgame about love at college and animal girls. Have you ever wondered why you don't have a girlfriend? Or have you ever wondered whether you will get a girlfriend? Sometimes, people know one another on the spur of the moment, or it might be an act by a deity. Could anyone read a human's mind? What if the person is a deity? "Perhaps the fox spirit also has its own willful nature. Maybe it has always been straightforward." Yan is a college student with a special guardian girl named Mori at his side. "If my girlfriend is as beautiful as Mori, then my life must be blessed by the gods..." Unknowingly, another girl is entering his life...

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Piano 11-Fox Hime BGM Numbered Musical Notation Preview ( Total 2 )


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