2nd life

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2nd life

2nd life Introduction


2nd life is one of the most famous animation in China and its theme song is really worthy of listening which is popular.

Script of 2nd Life:

Do you have a feeling like that?
Sometimes you always like to recalling.
And like to think of the past time and past things.
Some sight and sounds repeat again and again in your head.
And you always feel it past just now.
Maybe you try to deny it hard.
But you can't.
It too unforgettable sometime,some people
and the just one.
They always said that I love beautiful girl than my friends,
Because I must wait to see her everyday.
Go to school, leave school, classes over, and exercise time.
I spent on her for majority of my life
Then I thought,
May be that it is the Platonic love
Though I know it impossible,
I hope her can notice me one day.
Maybe it is a very small thing,
but it becomes all your life sometimes.
You cryand you laugh,
all due to it.
When we have a party,
my friends and I always talk about the photograph,
how they disguised and coordinated with each other.
But it became less and less.
And we laughed more and more boring.
As you know, one repressed emotion for along time,
Often to lead to a brave decision.
When I finished her portrait for a long time,
I decided to send it to her quietly.
I only comfort myself that
"Every tragedy makes heroes of common people"
Because of they made my photo to pieces,
I remembered all the details.
The following was remained many times in my head.
I can't recognize it was true or false,
I only seen a perfect picture in flying petals.
Although the college entrance exam was over,
for our stories, was not finished.
Maybe all those brought can be left,
all those left can not be forgot.
The only truth,
Liked some people said in a song,
"If the story is not finished, let it pass.
We can't know which is true in the past years.
We leave like this,
Drifted apart."

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