you conceal conceal my

No.: 0001507
you conceal conceal my

you conceal conceal my Introduction


you conceal conceal my information:

Composer: Chen Guangrong
Arranged by: Chen Guangrong
Producer: Chen Guangrong
Singer:Chen Boyu

lyrocs for you conceal conceal my :

Dating stomachs like to share the taste of

Does not mention any problems

This is how I feel that if the romance on the fast separation

You cried but more eye-Yan Shan Mei

Who am I you love each other end is

quiet smile laugh more than cry sad

How happy even frowning

Despite a steady hold you tightly

Open arms but I share your total

Silent invasion pro-kiss in my heart

You still prefer to speak personally am so tired

If outside, other than me in your heart

More than one person out of you,

I alsoI was too

This is the kind Shall I get frightened

In addition to the recent peak I know how many

Why do not cry to cry

Better than we quarrel squabble

With better than I did not laugh

So lonely What kind of love

Lee tied with fingertips to avoid me I

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