Ruu's Melody

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Ruu's Melody

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Ruu's Melody is the second creation of Genshin Impact Tsurumi Island' BGM "Ruu's Melody". And it is composed by Shang Xiaomo.

Ruu was a young boy who enjoyed spending time with his friends and living on Tsurumi Island. While his tribe performed human sacrifices to please their deity, Ruu did not fear for his own safety, as he believed that they would please her. However, when his friends began leaving the island to other lands, Ruu became fearful of their safety and voluntarily chose to sacrifice himself so that they could return. Thousands of years later, he still maintained this belief until he saw Kapatcir's memories. As a bright young child, he is naturally curious about the outside world and enjoys sweet-tasting foods. After reawakening as a self-conscious ghost, he sought assistance from the outside to determine what went wrong and discovered that both he and Kapatcir had died long ago based on his experience on Seirai Island.

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