The Left-Rainie Yang

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The Left-Rainie Yang

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The Left is included in Rainie Yang's album Meeting Love.

In 2006, she released her follow-up album, Meeting Love, which also sold very well at around 1.4 million. On 8 January 2007, Yang recorded her last "Guess Guess Guess" show due to her busy schedule and focus upon her music/acting career. Hoping to portray herself as a "serious" actress, Yang co-starred in the lesbian-themed film Spider Lilies alongside Isabella Leong. However, after co-starring in Spider Lilies, Yang returned to her previous cute image by becoming the lead actress in the drama Why Why Love, co-starring with Mike He and Kingone Wang, which aired during the summer of 2007. She subsequently released her third album, My Other Self on 7 September 2007.

Rainie Yang, born June 4th, 1984, is a Taiwanese singer who has won multiple awards, Golden Bell Awards actress and talk show host.

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