The truth that you leave

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The truth that you leave

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The truth that you leave Introduction


Pianoboy's work is very personal, the truth that you leave's melody is very simple which enjoyed great popularity among people. The simple melody he created can be so pleasant and comfortable. 


Pianoboy called GaoZhihao who is a talented boy; he graduated from NTU (National Taiwan University). He likes piano since childhood, and he is an independent musician. The truth that you leave is one of his songs which spread most widely. In his blogs, he shares the music of his own with others.


The truth that you leave music sheet or stave is provided freely.

The lyrics of the truth that you leave:

I see the sadness in your eyes
as the candle in the wind,
I hold it tight in my hands
it still trembles with every breath,
When that moment has come,
you softly whispered to me
the Death's waving sickle  
can never keep our hearts apart

They said you're just leaving
just leaving for another start,
where we will get together
once again without fear nor pain,
Beneath the moon light,
your tear stays on your cheek as a star,
shines alone in the sky
that I prayed to it everynight

Please tell me when and where I will
get the chance to hold you in my arms
No one could heal my sorrow and wound, except you
Please show me how, whatever it takes,
to revive our love just once again
then though in the dark I see a gleam of hope

When you closed your eyes in peace
When I feel the chill on your lips
I struggle in vain 'cause I know the truth that you leave
When I arise from the haunting nightmare
When I walk out the shadow above
The frozen rose in the snow is the seal of our love

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