Aogeba Tōtoshi

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Aogeba Tōtoshi

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Aogeba Tōtoshi
(仰げば尊し) is a song sung at graduation ceremonies in Japan. It is usually in the key of D or E-flat major, in6/8 time.

In 2007, "Aogeba Tōtoshi" was selected for the Nihon no Uta Hyakusen, 100 songs from Japan, by the Agency of Cultural Affairs and the National Congress of Parents and Teachers Associations of Japan. As the songs are ordered by the Japanese gojūon system, "Aogeba Tōtoshi" is number one on the list.

Aogeba Tōtoshi Stave Preview ( Total 2 )


Aogeba Tōtoshi Numbered Musical Notation Preview ( Total 3 )


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