Lament (Aika)-Inuyasha OST

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Lament (Aika)-Inuyasha OST

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Lament (Aika)
is an original soundtrack of an anime television series Inuyasha. Inuyasha (犬夜叉), also known as Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale (戦国御伽草子 犬夜叉 Sengoku Otogizōshi Inuyasha), is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi. It was adapted into two anime television series produced by Sunrise. The first was broadcast for 167 episodes on Yomiuri TVin Japan from October 16, 2000 until September 13, 2004. The second series, called Inuyasha: The Final Act, began airing four years later on October 3, 2009 to cover the rest of the manga series and ended on March 29, 2010 after 26 episodes. Four feature films and five original video animations have also been released. Other merchandise include video games and alight novel. Viz Media licensed the manga, the two anime series, and movies for North America.

Lament (Aika)
is created by Kaoru Wada who is a Japanese music composer, music arranger, conductor, music orchestrator and pianist from Shimonoseki,Yamaguchi Prefecture.

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