River Flows In You-Standard Edition

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River Flows In You-Standard Edition

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River Flows In You
is a piece of piano music by Yiruma who is a pianist and composer from South Korea. Yiruma frequently performs at sold-out concerts in Asia, Europe and North America. His alma mater, King's College London, helped him gain European popularity and recognition.

Yiruma's musical style is not easy to classify and is similar to the contemporary classical music in film scores or television dramas. Because his music is popular among many listeners who are not familiar with classical music, the solo piano instrumentation and tendency toward "movements" often leads to labels like "new classical" or "contemporary classical". However, although his composition studies would have included the classics, the structure of his pieces do not reflect such forms. His music has sometimes been classified vaguely as "popular", as shown by the inclusion of his hit piece River Flows in You on a compilation of wedding pieces titled "Wedding Essentials: The Ceremony". 

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