Flower Dance-Simple Version-C Major

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Flower Dance-Simple Version-C Major

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Flower Dance-Simple Version-C Major Introduction


Free Flower Dance Simple Version piano sheet music is provided for you. So if you like it, just download it here. Enjoy It!

Flower Dance Simple Version is apparently a easy edition for the song Flower Dance which is performed by Dj Okawari. Dj Okawari is from Shizuoka, Japan, the genre-based jazz-hiphop and chill-hop. In 2009, he shows us another masterpiece-Mirror, it is a a suffocating gorgeous made by three perfect combination-piano electronic drum female voice.

Meanwhile, we also offer different version of Flower Dance sheet music for you to download

The Lyrics of Flower Dance:

Lucy:"They serve the purpose of changing hydrogen into breathable oxygen, and they’re as necessary here as the air is, on Earth.”
Ray:"But I still say…they’re flowers.”
Lucy:"If you like."
Ray:"Do you sell them?"
Lucy:"I’m afraid not."
Ray:"But, maybe we could make a deal."
(Lucy:"What do you mean?”
Ray:”Oh, you see, you won’t have to send them anywhere. I’ll pay for them, and then, I’ll leave them here, for you.”)

Flower Dance-Simple Version-C Major Stave Preview ( Total 9 )


Flower Dance-Simple Version-C Major Numbered Musical Notation Preview ( Total 6 )


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