Fighting the Landlord

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Fighting the Landlord

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Fighting the Landlord Introduction

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Fighting the Landlord
is the background music to Dou dizhu,a card game in the genre of shedding and gambling. It is one of the most popular card games played in China.

Dou dizhu is described as easy to learn but hard to master, requiring mathematical and strategic thinking as well as carefully planned execution. Suits are irrelevant in playing dou dizhu. Players can easily play the game with a set of dou cizhu playing cards, without the suits printed on the cards. Less popular variations of the game do exist in China, such as four-player and five-player dou dizhu played with two packs of cards.

Fighting the Landlord Stave Preview ( Total 1 )


Fighting the Landlord Numbered Musical Notation Preview ( Total 1 )


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