How Happy We Are

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How Happy We Are

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How Happy We Are Introduction


How Happy We Are was composed by Zheng Lücheng who was a Korea-born Chinese composer. He is most notable for having composed the music to the Military Anthem of the People's Liberation Army, to words by Gong Mu (real name Zhang Yongnian). His wife was China's first woman ambassador Ding Xuesong.


He composed many works including a Chinese-language western-style opera, Cloud Gazing based on a story of the Bai people. And How Happy We Are was also one of his works and this song prevailed in 1990s.


How Happy We Are was a children's song that praised the great Communist Party: if it were not for the leadership of the party, we could not be living a happy life today. At the same time, it had strong didactic meaning, telling children to treasure the happy life today.


Besides, How Happy We Are stave is very simple, which is suitable for children to play.

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