Red Mountain Fruit-Star Boulevard

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Red Mountain Fruit-Star Boulevard

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Red Mountain Fruit
is a song performed on Star Boulevard, also known as Xīngguāng dàdào which is a Chinese state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) talent show from 2004 onwards.

Originally Red Mountain Fruit is sung by Anne and Cavalry on China's Got Talent. China's Got Talent is a Chinese reality televisionseries on Dragon TV and a part of the Got Talent franchise, hosted by Cheng Lei. It is a talent show that features all different kinds of performances of all ages competing for performing contract with Fremantle Mediaand Sony Music Entertainment.

The Lyrics of Red Mountain Fruit:

One flower, one tree
One house, one road
One mountain, one river
One boat, one me
One heart, one fire
One nanny, one you
Drawing the boat, watching
the river
By the waterside, you see me
A year ago, I have walked
I see the road in front of the door
I quietly watch you
You also secretly gaze at me
Bypassing the mountain, wading across the river
Three days, five days, you cross the road
Early before you had me in your heart
Now I want you to tell me
Flowers fill the slope of the mountain and fields
You hide in the east, I hide in the west
You need to firmly grasp my hand
We will wade across the river together
You pick the fruits of Hongshan
One at a time, gifting them
to me
Sunrise or sunset, Always happy
Even for a hundred years, you must keep me company

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