A Hopeful Transmission-Coldplay

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A Hopeful Transmission-Coldplay

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A Hopeful Transmission
is from British rock band Coldplay’s album Mylo Xyloto. Mylo Xyloto is a concept album, according to Chris Martin, "based on a love story with a happy ending." Two protagonists living in an oppressive, dystopian, urban environment, meet one another through a gang and fall in love. Lyrically, the album is inspired by "old school American graffiti" and "the White Rose Movement." Martin also said that the album was influenced by HBO TV series The Wire.

Internationally, Mylo Xyloto charted at number one in 34 countries. In the United Kingdom, Mylo Xyloto became Coldplay's fifth album to debut at number one, selling 208,000 units in its first week, and setting a one-week digital sales record with 83,000 copies sold.

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