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Still D.R.E. Sheet Music
Still D.R.E. is a song by American rapper Dr. Dre, featuring fellow American rapper Snoop Dogg. It was released on October 13, 1999 as the lead single from Dre's multi-platinum second studio album, 2001.
Walk to School-Tales from the Loop-Philip Glass
Walk to School is used as an insert song of American science fiction drama television series Tales from the Loop. And it is composed by composer Philip Glass.
Persian Cat-SHE
Persian Cat is a song by Taiwanese girl group S.H.E. It was included in their fifth studio album Magical Journey and released on February 6, 2004.
Beths Story-The Queens Gambit OST
Beth's Story is used as an insert song of 2020 American coming-of-age period drama streaming television miniseries The Queen's Gambit. And it is composed by American composer Carlo...
La Valse DAmelie-Amélie
La Valse D'Amelie is one of the most iconic and beloved pieces of music composed by Yann Tiersen in 2001. Released in 2001, this track appears in the eponymous French film, Amélie,...
Eternity-The Journey of Flower OP
Eternity is used as the opening theme to TV drama The Journey of Flower. And it is sung by Alan Dawa Dolma who is a female Chinese singer of Tibetan ethnicity active in the Japanes...
Written On The Sky-Disconnect OST
Written On The Sky is used as an insert song of 2012 American psychological drama film Disconnect. And it is composed by German-born British composer Max Richter.
The Curse Each Other-Dreams Link OST
The Curse Each Other is a song performed by Jenny Zhang, and it is also an insert song in the TV series "Dreams Link". The beautiful and melodious melody makes people never tire of...
LAmour Toujours-Ill Fly with You
L'Amour Toujours (also named "I'll Fly with You") is a song co-written and recorded by the Italian DJ Gigi D'Agostino. The song was released to American clubs and dance radio in Ju...
By The Sea-Eternity and a Day OST
By The Sea is a work by Greek composer Eleni Karaindrou. And it is used as an insert song of Eternity and a Day which is a 1998 Greek drama film directed by Theo Angelopoulos.
Take My Breath Away-Easy Version
Take My Breath Away is a song written by Giorgio Moroder and Tom Whitlock for the 1986 film Top Gun, performed by American new wave band Berlin.
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