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EOP Hot Search Chart (Only $5.99) - Introduction

EOP Hot Search Chart is a collection of the most popular piano songs in EOP!
Now, a big sale for package of EOP Hot Search Chart is coming!

If you want a whole package (including PDF, Midi and EOP files) in only one download, then it's perfect!

Included Files:
1.PDF - vector stave file;
2.EOPN - vector numbered musical notation file;
3.PNG - ultra clear stave and numberical sheet images;
4.Mid - audio file;
5.MP3 - audio file;
6.EOP - played with EveryonePiano software.

List of EOP Hot Search Chart (40 Songs):
01. ZenZenZense-Your Name theme
02. All of Me-John Legend
03. Stay With Me-Guardian The Lonely and Great God OST1
04. Pure White-Deemo OST
05. One Summer's Day-Spirited Away OST
06. Summer-Kikujiro Theme
07. Flower Dance-Dj Okawari
08. SenbonZakura-Thousand Cherry Blossoms-Hatsune Miku
09. Unravel-Tokyo Ghoul OP
10. Stay with Me-Sam Smith
11. My Eyes-Guardian The Lonely and Great God OST2
12. PPAP Lyric Version-KBShinya
13. Carousel-Howl's Moving Castle Theme
14. Take Me To Church-Hozier
15. Thinking Out Loud-Ed Sheeran
16. Miracles in December-EXO
17. Let Her Go-Passenger
18. Canon-Pachelbel's Canon
19. Castle in the Sky-Joe Hisaishi
20. Ballade pour Adeline-Richard Clayderman
21. River Flows in You-Yiruma
22. Try Everything-Zootopia Theme
23. Song About You-Your Name theme
24. You Are My World-The Legend of the Blue Sea OST
25. I'm Not the Only One-Sam Smith
26. Say Something
27. You Raise Me Up - Westlife
28. Roku Chōnen to Ichiya Monogatari-Sound Voltex OST
29. Croatian Rhapsody-Maksim Mrvica
30. Beautiful-Guardian The Lonely and Great God OST4
31. Say You Won't Let Go-James Arthur
32. Kataware Doki-Your Name OST
33. Love Me Like You Do-Fifty Shades of Grey Theme
34. Dream Wedding-Richard Clayderman
35. Stroll-Sanpo-My Neighbor Totoro OP
36. Baby Don't Cry-EXO
37. I Don't Wanna Live Forever-Fifty Shades Darker Theme
38. Let It Go Full Version-Frozen OST
39. Summertime Record-Kagerou Project ED
40. Hush-Guardian The Lonely and Great God OST3

Come and order our 40-hot EOP Search sheet music package, which just need $5.99.


1. The sheet music are in packaged ZIP file, hence no custom selection.

2. The download address would be accessible at once you paid. The expiration would be 6 months.

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