Children's Song Piano Music I (Only $5.99)

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Children's Song Piano Music I (Only $5.99) - Introduction

Now, a big sale for package of Children's Song Piano Music I is offered to you, hope you like it!

If you want a whole package (including PDF, Midi and EOP files) in only one download, then it's perfect!

Included Files:
1.PDF - vector stave file;
2.EOPN - vector numbered musical notation file;
3.PNG - ultra clear stave and numberical sheet images;
4.Mid - audio file;
5.MP3 - audio file;
6.EOP - played with EveryonePiano software.

List of Classic Piano Songs (68 Songs):
01. Yankee Doodle
02. Jiaocheng Mountain
03. Little Cabbage
04. Mary Had a Little Lamb
05. I AM A Painter
06. Rowing The Boat
07. Looking for Friends
08. Going To School Song
09. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
10. London Bridge Is Falling Down
11. Two Tigers
12. Ten Little Indians
13. Little Red Riding Hood
14. Swans on the Lake-John Thompson
15. The Cuckoo
16. Happy New Year
17. Pulling The Radish
18. Little Donkey
19. Silent night
20. Donald Fauntleroy Duck
21. Spring is Coming
22. Throwing the handkerchie
23. Long Long Ago
24. An die Freude
25. Yimeng Mountain Minor
26. Going Home
27. Three Bears
28. Guess Whose Cocks These Are
29. Red Dragonflies
30. Happy Birthday to You
31. Little Ducks
32. Counting Ducks
33. Song of Selling Newspapers
34. Wa Ha Ha
35. Shiki no uta
36. Lanhua-Hua
37. A Cent
38. Harvest Song
39. Readboy
40. Doll and Little Bear Dancing
41. The Communist Children's Troupe Song
42. Teletubbies
43. Healthy Song
44. Oh Susanna
45. Mother Is The Best In The World
46. Small Pine Tree
47. Little White Boat
48. Edelweiss
49. SpongeBob SquarePants
50. A Snail and Orioles
51. What A Small World
52. Orchid Grass
53. Jasmine Flower
54. Farewell song
55. Fight the Landlord
56. Big Pinwhee
57. Flower Drum for Support Soldier
58. Little Hill Like Gold Bottle
59. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
60. Click Go the Shears
61. Lucky Treasures
62. The Little Swallow
63. The Golden Sun in Beijing
64. The Lonely Goatherd
65. Jingle Bells
66. A Little Little Lamb
67. Naughty Kid on Horseback
68. Für Elise

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