EOP Sheet Music

The Walking Dead

  • Skin Design: Everyone Piano
  • Click: 34509
  • Download: 8556
  • Update Time: 2015-06-24

The Walking Dead - Introduction

EOP Sheet Music
Everyone Piano with the "The Walking Dead" skin style, if you like the Zombies, please do not miss it. "The Walking Dead" skin enables you totally to immerse in the atmosphere of  "The Walking Dead"  game, cartoon and American drama, Please click the space key to see whether the gun has fired.

The Walking Dead - Skin Show

How to Install the Skin

1. Please unzip the download file first.
2. Copy the zipped folder to the folder EveryonePiano\skin, and its default installation location is C:\Program Files\EveryonePiano\Skin.
3. Open the software again and choose the new installed skin.

The Walking Dead-Leave a comment

  • vivekviru
    in 3rd step how to choose the new installed skin ?
    2015-08-24 19:26:37  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply vivekviru
    After your install, the new skin will be listed in the Skin, you can choose it in the skin menu at the top-right corner of EOP, thanks for your support of EOP
    2015-08-25 17:50:31  Reply
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