Cute Golden Retriever

  • Skin Design: Everyone Piano
  • Click: 55310
  • Download: 22431
  • Update Time: 2017-08-02

Cute Golden Retriever - Introduction

She can melt your heart when treat you tenderly;
She also can make you cry and laugh when mucks up.
Yes, she is golden retriever, angle and demon all over the body.

Special Instructions: the keys for the skin is transparent which means you cannot see keys for each note, therefore it is not suitable for novices to use.

Cute Golden Retriever - Skin Show

How to Install the Skin

1. Please unzip the download file first.
2. Copy the zipped folder to the folder EveryonePiano\skin, and its default installation location is C:\Program Files\EveryonePiano\Skin.
3. Open the software again and choose the new installed skin.

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