Super Mario

  • Skin Design: Everyone Piano
  • Click: 43501
  • Download: 23885
  • Update Time: 2021-10-03

Super Mario - Introduction

"Super Mario" is one of the classic games of Nintendo that has brought pleasure to children for many years.

This "Super Mario" skin of EOP is designed for those who like nostalgia or classic games of FC period.

Super Mario - Skin Show

How to Install the Skin

1. Please unzip the download file first.
2. Copy the zipped folder to the folder EveryonePiano\skin, and its default installation location is C:\Program Files\EveryonePiano\Skin.
3. Open the software again and choose the new installed skin.

Super Mario-Leave a comment

    2022-06-27 05:06:53  Reply
  • dinhlong2802
    I can't do this. Follow exactly what you said but i don't know why my EveryonePiano didn't work. Please help me
    2021-09-21 09:47:23  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply dinhlong2802
    unzip the download file directly, do not nested folder, you can open your unzipped folder to see the differents between skins come with EOP, that it should only have one level nesting.
    2021-09-22 15:17:55  Reply
    Anonymous  Reply EveryonePiano
    I still can't make it run. I followed the steps. I don't know where to open the Mario skin though I open the Everyonepiano software again and again.Thanks!
    2021-10-14 13:40:02  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    Find the folder you install EOP, not open EOP,and open the SKIN folder, that has all skins of EOP in you PC.
    2021-10-15 11:49:59  Reply
  • Nice!
    2021-03-06 14:02:50  Reply
    2020-06-24 07:28:37  Reply
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