EOP Stave Follow Me

Category: Assistant Tool Update: 2023-9-20
Type: Plug-in Version:
Size: 4.56M License: Freeware
System: Win 7\8\10\11
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EOP Stave Follow Me Introduction


EOP Stave Follow Me is a teaching plugin for learning piano with stave. 

Main Features of EOP Stave Follow Me:

• Support to importe the EOPN file with one button;
• Support the separate exercise of both hands, quicken the learning speed and harmonize left and right hands;
• Support the adjustment of playing speed;
• Support to enlarge or lessen the image without distortion;
• Support to connect MIDI keyboard externally, greatlt low the cost of learning the piano;
• Offer mass of teaching numbered muisc notation with different difficulty;
• Support multi-languages;
• Support dynamic skin;
• More...

EOP Stave Follow Me Setup Hints and User Guide

EOP Stave Follow Me Setup Hints

 Run Everyone Piano ->Plugin ->EOP Stave Follow Me. In the "Plugin Download" pop-up window, click "Download" to download and install EOP Stave Follow Me

Note: If the EOP Stave Follow Me  do not listed in the plugin list, please click the menu Help ->Update, then you can update the software to be the newest version.

When the download process is completed, click "Run" to use the EOP Stave Follow Me.

It is not necessary to install the EOP Stave Follow Me the next time, just run Everyone Piano -> Plugin Setting ->EOP Stave Follow Me.


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  • eddyjos7
    good app
    2019-12-12 06:42:58  Reply
  • good
    2018-12-12 23:47:11  Reply
  • This Software help me to playing piano
    2015-09-30 19:17:45  Reply
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