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Category: Assistant Tool Update: 2016-1-22
Type: Plug-in Version:
Size: 665kB License: Freeware
System: Win 7\8\10\11
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EOP Music Stand Introduction


EOP Music Stand

EOP Music Stand is the worldwide first piano score roller software. It can automatically roll the score screen and turn the pages according to the speed set by users. Combined with Everyone Piano software, it enables piano lovers to practice the piano more easily.

Main Features of EOP Music Stand:

• Load any format of stave and numbered musical notation pictures.
• Adjust the score size optionally.
• Set the screen rolling speed.
• Set to roll the screen with one button.
• Assort and manage the music pictures.
• Massive stave and numbered musical notation pictures.

EOP Music Stand Setup Hints and User Guide

EOP Music Stand Setup Hints

1) Run Everyone Piano ->Plugin ->EOP Music Stand.
2) In the "Plugin Download" pop-up window, click "Download" to download and install EOP Music Stand.
3)When the download process is completed, click "Run" to use the EOP Music Stand.

If you need to use it in the future, you do not have to reinstall it, just run Everyone Piano->Plugin-> EOP Music Stand.

Note: If there is not the EOP Music Stand in the plugin list, please click the menu Help ->Update, then you can update the software to be the newest version.


EOP Music Stand User Guide:

1. Run Everyone Piano ->Plugin ->EOP Music Stand, open the EOP Music Stand.
2. Right click on any key of Everyone Piano -> Plugin Setting ->EOP Music Stand, choose any command just as the image shows (Previous Page and Next Page are the usually used commands.)

EOP Music Stand


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  • EveryonePiano
    Would you please specify your problem? This is a plugin of EOP, you need download everyone piano first and then click the EOP Music Stand in plugin menu.
    2019-06-24 10:10:59  Reply
  • I can not download. please help me.
    2019-06-23 19:10:13  Reply
  • kenny
    2015-09-12 11:29:07  Reply
  • kenny
    2015-09-10 19:44:10  Reply
  • Olivia
    Very good☺️
    2015-08-21 03:47:05  Reply
  • all eop musics i downloaded, when opened, the program crashes
    2015-05-15 14:52:57  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    eop files need open with EOP or EOP Follow Me, EOP Music Stand need open files in pic style, in other words, EOP Music Stand is used to see sheet music in pic, not play eop files
    2015-05-18 16:24:51  Reply
  • When i click 'EOP Music Stand' it didn't show any progress of downloading :\
    2015-03-14 20:07:07  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    You mean click in EOP? EOP Music Stand is one of EOP plugins, you need download it in EOP. Click the "Plugin" menu, and choose the "EOP Music Stand"
    2015-03-17 09:35:48  Reply
  • did'n donlowd file !!!
    2015-03-06 12:01:49  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    Would you please specify your problem? What file you can not download? eop?
    2015-03-09 09:11:50  Reply
  • Umm it doesnt work at all for me :/
    2014-12-23 13:52:35  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    Would you please specify your problem?
    2014-12-23 14:00:35  Reply
  • moez
    2014-12-06 04:55:24  Reply
  • de2apandi
    Can you add download link here, please
    2014-05-30 14:16:02  Reply
  • emi_yo
    como lo descargo¿¿ D:
    2013-11-07 02:51:01  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply emi_yo
    Could you please leave a message in English?
    2013-11-12 16:30:53  Reply
  • youcef2008
    Oh merci bouceau mon amis
    2013-10-27 19:02:56  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply youcef2008
    My pleasure.
    2013-11-12 16:30:08  Reply
  • merci
    2013-10-27 19:02:20  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    My pleasure.
    2013-11-12 16:29:58  Reply
  • merci bouceau
    2013-10-27 19:02:09  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    My pleasure.
    2013-11-12 16:29:41  Reply
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