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Everyone Piano is the software that is used to play the beautiful music, so some anti-virus software thinks it is to capture the keyboard information. Here we promise Everyone Piano is 100% safe, no virus, no trojan and no risk. We advise you to add it to the white list for normal use.

Everyone Piano Introduction


Have you ever been close to give up your piano dream because of poor family? Have you ever be self-abasement when people were joking with you because you cannot carry even a simple tune? Have you ever be ashamed because you couldn't afford a piano for your child?....


Now with Everyone Piano, all will be changed!


Everyone Piano is a computer keyboard simulating piano software, it can use the general computer keyboard to play the world famous piano music. With powerful timbre database, Everyone Piano's tone is lifelike and real-time. Even on onboard sound card, Everyone Piano can reach real-time musical performance, meantime it also simulates the pedal of the piano.


Everyone Piano can customize the keyboard, play the halftone, support record, playback, music score show, inflexion and octave. Besides all the features above, Everyone Piano also has the demo and teaching music. Everyone Piano saves everything for you, it is not only for free, but also supports a mass of music scores for studying.


Everyone Piano Features and Benefits:

Connect externally MIDI keyboard, enjoy Grand Piano.

• Support keyboard apart, two hands playing.

• Support automatic accompaniment, rhythm packing and synchronization.

• Connect externally MIDI keyboard or electronic organ.

• Customize the note layout of the keyboard.

• Switch the dynamic skins.

• Support stave and numbered musical notation learning.

• Adjust the playing speed.

• Support loading the Vsti sound database.

• Support onboard sound card, timely playing.

• Simulate the pedal of piano.

• Customize the keyboard and support playing semitone.

• Support record, playback, music score show, inflexion and octave.

• Come with the demo and teaching music.

• Come with dozens of teaching and entertainment plug-in.

• And more...


Compared with other Piano Software, Everyone Piano includes many unique benefits:

•The purpose of Everyone Piano is that let everyone one can learn piano with "Zero Cost". And you can also get more functions on how to improve your piano skills.

•Support loading the VSTi sound database (eg: True Pianos, Pianissimo) . With powerful timbre database, Everyone Piano's tone is lifelike and real-time. You can enjoy the grand piano easily.

•Support keyboard apart, two hands playing which is very useful for new learners. It can improve your learning speed and the cooperation ability of both hands.

Connect externally MIDI keyboard or electronic organ.

•Support many demo and teaching music. Make the learning process be interested.

•Support by Everyone Piano website, make communication and sharing conveniently. 

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Everyone Piano-Leave a comment

  • How to install a 64bits vsti in EOP?
    2022-11-25 10:50:19  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    EOP cannot install 64bit vsti directly, you can use a third-part software to install it, like loop midi.
    2022-11-28 16:00:32  Reply
  • I wanted to know if it is possible to convert a recorded file in the eop software into a sheet music pdf file. I recorded a song using my fingers and keyboard, now I want the eop software to show it to me in a pdf file. I want to see the notes and sheet music. is it possible? do you have any special converter? how do people show their music sheets on your website? do they write them in another place and eop software didn't do that for them?
    2022-11-25 19:28:49  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    If you want make sheet music you can use EOP NMN MASTER software, that can download freely in our site. You can make a numbered musical notation. And one eop file cannot convert to sheet music, since it do no know sheet information.
    2022-11-28 15:59:04  Reply
  • can i save my playing
    2022-11-12 20:41:18  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    You can record your playing with PC keyboard with the RECORDING function on EOP program.
    2022-11-14 17:13:32  Reply
  • DiMasik23_
    Is thare way to convert .eop file to mp3?
    2022-10-05 01:03:48  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply DiMasik23_
    EOP file cannot convert to mp3 format directly, you can use a audio recorder to record during play eop file.
    2022-10-05 10:55:03  Reply
  • GeorgeCooper
    Hello everyone, how can I remap the keys? I need a specific layout with the C note of the next act on the "Numpad +" button in a mode similar to "63-key MIDI keyboard."
    2022-09-22 09:31:27  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply GeorgeCooper
    Do you mean you want to change keys during the playing or transpose you midi keyboard? If you want to change keys you can add a shortcut with right mouse, if you want to transpose, change in the SETTINGS on the above menu, SETTINGS>>OPTION>>MIDI INPUT.
    2022-09-22 15:49:29  Reply
    GeorgeCooper  Reply EveryonePiano
    The right mouse button helped,thank you=)
    2022-09-23 06:38:12  Reply
    GeorgeCooper  Reply EveryonePiano
    Maybe google translator misunderstood. In the first post, I meant "remap keyboard buttons".
    2022-09-23 06:44:02  Reply
  • my everyone piano has a problem, everytime i click on the audio source it stops working i cant open vsti. help me
    2022-08-23 11:47:06  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    You can change a audio source or delete the SETTINGS in EOP folder to reload again
    2022-08-29 12:07:03  Reply
    Anonymous  Reply EveryonePiano
    I did it but it still doesn't work
    2022-09-04 18:16:01  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    Do you mean you cannot change audio source? Can EOP works well when you choose the default source mdapiano?
    2022-09-05 15:35:16  Reply
    Anonymous  Reply EveryonePiano
    yes I can't change the audio source, and I can't get into the audio source part
    2022-09-06 13:52:56  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    You need make sure the audio source you installed is right and suitable for EOP, like it must be 32bit. Or, you can install other audio source to try.
    2022-09-09 16:38:39  Reply
    Anonymous  Reply EveryonePiano
    can i send you a video?
    2022-09-10 21:40:29  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    Sorry, I cannot recive video, you can uninstall EOP and install in another path, and change a audio source to try. What's the system of your PC? YOU MUST make sure the audio source you want to use can be used in EOP
    2022-09-14 17:14:42  Reply
    Anonymous  Reply EveryonePiano
    i have uninstalled and reinstalled many times to many other paths but still not working
    2022-09-15 13:38:28  Reply
    Anonymous  Reply Anonymous
    will be conveyed
    2022-09-20 18:27:46  Reply
  • Rahim-Pk
    guys..how i can share a song...??????????????
    2022-08-05 20:25:01  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Rahim-Pk
    share EOP file? EOP file only can play with EOP program, or you can record it to share
    2022-08-09 16:57:56  Reply
  • hoanghoang2468
    My EOP is delayed for a little moment when I press a button, because of that I can't play songs. Are there any ways to fix that??? thank you!
    2022-07-26 11:25:32  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply hoanghoang2468
    You can change for the EOP MENU, SETTINGS>>OPTIONS> DELAYS. and you can see a introduction of How to Reach Zero Time Delay by Using ASIO4ALL
    2022-07-29 15:03:32  Reply
  • Hi! For some reason, i cannot attach any 64-bit vsti to EOP. An error pops up: "Unable to load the 64-bit VSTi, recover to the last one!" Could you advise on this? Coudn't find any information on x64 support. Thanks!
    2022-07-28 03:55:59  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    Since EOP is 32-bit, that you need find 32-bit vsti to EOP, thanks for your support of EOP
    2022-07-29 15:00:46  Reply
  • so, the manual is saying that it supports the Mac OS Yet there is no download for it, why?
    2022-07-15 07:24:00  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    Everyone Piano is our software, without any related physical product! That is to say only the software you see in this page and this site is our product, we do not have any physical product, just a piano software! And for our software, we have clearly explained above, ONLY WINDOWS SYSTEM can be used. I think you need connect the piano seller that deceived you. They misled or deceived you. You can browse our site for all pages that we DO NOT have any piano to sell for our users.Thanks for your support of EOP
    2022-07-15 16:04:56  Reply
  • Hi, first thanks for the software and second, how can I add EvryonePiano to my DAW (Ableton Live 11Lite version)? Thanks in advance!
    2022-05-22 01:36:32  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    EOP supports pianos with midi function, you can check the menu of EOP, Settings>>Option>>MidiInput to see your device has been identified by eop
    2022-05-25 12:07:44  Reply
  • is there a way i can play the keys withou pressing shift? i mean a bunch of songs require pressing sharp keys and normal keys together so it gets a bit difficult. Im new to this program and i still dont undersand the settings so
    2022-04-10 07:03:34  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    Do you mean you want to change a key? Right click on any key of EOP, you can change to any note you want.
    2022-04-11 16:35:39  Reply
  • BoogerWooger
    it is a nice app i feel calm and good to use this app
    2022-03-11 17:15:44  Reply
  • zahmuzik
    Do you have software that is compatible with MAC? If not I will wish that I had purchased a piano I can use with my computer.
    2022-02-21 00:23:01  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply zahmuzik
    thanks for your support of eop, eop is for windows system only,recently. And we only have software, without any piano related pthsical proudct.
    2022-02-25 09:10:52  Reply
  • how do i setup this keyboard in to register in my DAW?
    2022-02-14 08:32:49  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    Can you explain your trouble you met in detail? EOP donot need register.
    2022-02-14 10:52:27  Reply
  • Dragonflame
    Can you add MC來了 by MC Hotdog? Thank you!
    2021-12-30 02:49:17  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Dragonflame
    Thanks for your support of EOP, sheets are adding gradually
    2021-12-30 10:29:01  Reply
  • Amadeuss1
    Hi, I used my rollup midi piano on my Mac for a long time, but now that I’m trying to use it on a new Mac I cannot find a page in the internet to download the software so I can use it again. Please help!!
    2021-12-23 13:01:59  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Amadeuss1
    Thanks for your support of EOP, EOP is for windows system only.
    2021-12-24 10:31:19  Reply
  • PlayOnYoutube
    EOP have function to record MIDI File by connecting MDI Keyboard and play . Then, convert MIDI file to Numbered Note by EOPN.
    2021-12-02 22:37:29  Reply
  • Hi EOP, is it possible to install interface or plugin for 12-14 keys (not more then 1.5 octave). Thank you.
    2021-11-16 00:10:29  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply Anonymous
    Thanks for your support of EOP, EOP is installed on Windows system, and you can connect with any playing tools, like pc keyboard, midi, or piano with midi function.
    2021-11-16 09:18:23  Reply
  • sandipb
    Dear Sir / Madam, I am a complete noob in music but passionate about willing to play electronic piano. I want a FREE or PAID tutorial on EOP. A detailed one which I can use to comfortably play EOP and produce melodies. Suppose, I have a tune in my head, I should be able to convert it into musical notes and then play using EOP. Yes, I am seeking this tutorial/video/course from a composer mindset. (I just need some basic knowledge on musical notation and composition.) I am ready to Pay.
    2021-11-13 18:02:45  Reply
    EveryonePiano  Reply sandipb
    Thanks for your support and like of EOP, and we have tutorial of HOW TO PLAY EOP http://demon.everyonepiano.com/ that can that new players to play PC Keyboard piano, not midi or piano. And for things like convert musical to play directly, it is no a easy thing or not can learn from one or some tutorial since ,it need a long time practice of listening or music theory。
    2021-11-15 10:29:17  Reply
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