• Singer/Author: Pu Shu
  • Uploader: pumpkin
  • Click: 2503
  • Download: 1392
  • Time: 2013-08-02

Flowers EOPM Introduction


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"Flowers" (那些花儿) is sung by Pu Shu (simplified Chinese: 朴树; traditional Chinese: 樸樹) who is a Chinese singer who was born in Nanjing and grew up in Beijing. In 1994, he quit studying at Capital Normal University and started composing songs. He became a signed singer in 麦田音乐 in 1996. His signature works are "Flowers" (那些花儿) and "Birch Forest" (白桦林). He alse has performed in films like "Flowers Blooming" and "If I Lose You".

Flowers File Download

  • Make music with both hands;
  • Make music with intensity;
  • Make arpeggio,chord,tremolo;
  • Set shortcut reply,tempo,speed.

What is EOPM file?

EOPM file is the composed music file with intensity by EOP Music Master. EOPM file is the original created file format by Everyone Piano, now it can only be openned by EOP Music Master.

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