Everyone Piano Skin Recruit Introductions

1. Design the skin for which software?

Mainly for Everyone Piano software. If you can design the distinctive and creative skin; if you can design the perfect design with zero flaw;Once adopted by us, we will show it for our vasty users.

2. Everyone Piano skin recruit requirements

(1). Design the image: Size:758*528 (Unit: pixel)
The interface is divided into three parts: the upper shows the computer keyboard, the middle shows the piano keyboard, and the bottom shows the tunning and play. And each part can exit separately. When you design, the whole interface needs keep harmonious, when every part exit separately, it also looks beautiful.

(2). Devide the image after the design: Open the located file of Everyone Piano, choose any set of the Skin under this folder, replace the images there. The image format is PNG, support transparency background and do not change the size. Use the wordpad to open the skin.ini file to change the skin name and text color.

(3). New Skin Show: As long as you replace the images under the skin folder, you can see the new Everyone Piano skin look.

Note:1. If you are not familar with deviding the images, you can also offer us the result image. As long as we are satisfied with it, you can offer us the PSD images.

2. After you completing the design, please contact the Everyone Piano support via .

3. What's the reward for the adopted skin?

As long as your designed skin is adopted by us, we will give you $35 for the reward.

4. What about the copyright about the adopted skin?

As long as your designed skin is adopted by us and we also give you the $35, the copyright will belong to Everyone Piano.

5. How will we deal with the unaccepted skin?

If your designed skin is not accepted by us, we will not imitate and spread it. The copyright still belongs to you.

6. The way you give us the designed skin?

We advise you to zip all the PSD images as rar or zip format and email them to our email box: . When you send the email, please specify the skin name, for example: Wood Retro Style, specify your Paypal account and name; specify your contact information for us to contact you in time.